Siamo più che orgogliosi di presentarvi, per la prima volta in Acqua su Marte, il grande maestro TOM KEMP che ci guiderà nell’apprendimento delle tecniche del pennello piatto attraverso il Trajan Script.

“The edged brush, a tool we are all apparently familiar with, has the most surprising properties and is full of calligraphic potential that has not been explored. This workshop will be about starting to unlock that potential. We shalll see how its use in the historically and aesthetically important Trajan letters provides us with the perfect foundation for discovering how much more powerful the brush is than the edged pen. The sands around us will start to shift as common calligraphic knowledge is challenged and often found wanting. Over two days we shall go through the Trajan letters showing how the brush is capable of creating each of them swiftly and accurately with just a handful of strokes. Along the way we’ll look at what the brush is asking us to think about and how we might take the knowledge further.”

È probabilmente il più importante calligrafo al mondo nella scrittura con il pennello delle lettere Traiane. Il suo metodo di insegnamento ha rivoluzionato l’utilizzo di questo strumento.

“The definitive workshop to how to manipulate an edged brush to produce authentic Trajan letters. Early in the twentieth century Edward Catich made an amazing discovery that the best monumental Roman inscriptions were hand-written with a brush before being carved out and repainted. He wrote down this thesis in “The Origin of the Serif”. Tom Kemp has filled in all the details which Catich left out. “Learning the Trajan Script” is a workshop for learning to use the edged brush and suggests many ways in which it could be used today as a formidable calligraphic tool.”

Dove: Acqua su Marte, Via Alessandria 3, 20144 , Milano – M2 Porta Genova, tram 2, 9,
Quando: venerdì 16 Novembre 2018, rinfresco e live performance “A life outside lettering” con biglietto a parte di €12 per chi non partecipa al workshop.
Incluso nel prezzo per chi partecipa al workshop.
Sabato e domenica 17 e 18 Novembre 2018, workshop di Trajan Script
Orari: Venerdì dalle 19 alle 21.30; sabato e domenica dalle 10 alle 18
Ore totali: 16 h
Costo totale: 220,00 € + IVA

NB: Il corso si attiva con un minimo di 12 iscritti. Il numero massimo di partecipanti è 25.
N.B.2 Il workshop si terrà in lingua inglese.

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